September 11

New!: Milkman Underwear 2013


New Zealand newest men’s Milkman Underwear 2013 will definitively make you feel sexy with different genre names like ‘Hardman’ and ‘Wishbone’. Check it out at

September 4

Dsquared2 Underwear 2013: Matt Woodhouse, Travis Hanson, Ryan Bertroche By Steven Klein


All new Dsquared2 Underwear coming at your drawer with hot models like Matt Woodhouse, Travis Hanson and Ryan Bertroche in a Dsquared2 Underwear fashion short film which were directed by Steven Klein.
Art direction by Giovanni Bianco with hair by Tomo Jidai and set design by Jack Flanagan.


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May 27

C-IN2: Chuck Ryan Strogish


From the big apple New York city is Chuck Ryan Strogish who wants to be an action hero waiting to save you! He stands 6’0 tall with chiseled masculine physique. Check him out in C-IN2. You can also find C-IN2 on facebook now.

May 23

Garçon Model Gymnast Campaign: Filip M by Danijel Galic


Hard, muscular and handsome Filip M photographed by  Danijel Galic featured in the Garçon Model Gymnast 2013 campaign, the new standard for men’s underwear in briefs, trunks and boxers. You can also find Garcon Model on Facebook.