August 23

Heroics II: Paul Freeman


We salute to Australian photographer Paul Freeman giving us his tenth collection ‘Heroics II’  of  fine art nude photographic portraits of men captured in the classical tradition of the heroic and mythical, in the grandiose and dramatic poses of the post-renaissance tradition, shot in both contemporary, post-modernist and neo classic or painterly environments, with over 180 photographs in both colour and warm toned black and white. This collection complements and evolves the theme developed in the first ‘Heroics’ book published in 2011, and has been influenced by and references the male in sculpture and painting in Western European art from the Renaissance onwards. The book plays with contemporary societal attitudes to the naked male in public and art by juxtaposing our collective artistic consciousness and heritage with the reality of the contemporary naked male physique.

(Nudity. *You must be over 18yo to proceed.)