December 31

Instinct Magazine December/January 2014: Dream Dates Calendar by Vincent Dilio


12 different flavor’s of hot muscle boys burning up the December/January 2014 of Instinct Magazine.  It’s the ‘Dream Dates’ calendar by Vincent Dilio with cast  models of by month: Muriel Vilela (January), Taejahn Taylor (February), Drury Armstrong (March), Manuel Vega (April), RL Stahl (May), Rafael Perez (June), Nate Maaske (July), Matt Williams (August), James Lasky (September), Guy Lubelchik (October), Julian Jaring (November) and Mick Rouse (December). Styled by Eric Launder. Hair by George Ortiz. Makeup by Flynn Marie. Set design by Andy Harman.

September 15

Allure US August 2013: Kate Moss by Mario Testino


Kate Moss is ‘The Face’ photographed by Mario Testino in the August 2013 US issue of Allure magazine. Styled by Paul Cavaco. Makeup by Tom Pecheux. Hair by Sam McKnight. Set design by Jack Flanagan.

September 4

Dsquared2 Underwear 2013: Matt Woodhouse, Travis Hanson, Ryan Bertroche By Steven Klein


All new Dsquared2 Underwear coming at your drawer with hot models like Matt Woodhouse, Travis Hanson and Ryan Bertroche in a Dsquared2 Underwear fashion short film which were directed by Steven Klein.
Art direction by Giovanni Bianco with hair by Tomo Jidai and set design by Jack Flanagan.


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